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Transform Your Home with a Stylish Wall-Mounted Post Box


The entrance of your home is the first impression visitors have of your living space. A lot of us may agree that we spend a lot of time focused on our interiors, but what about the exterior? So how does a wall-mounted post box transform the entrance to your home?

What is a wall-mounted post box?

A wall-mounted post box is a rectangular box made of steel that is mounted outside your home, near your door. Its purpose is to provide safe storage for letters and small mail.

How does a wall-mounted post box improve your home’s aesthetic?

Beyond their functional benefits, wall-mounted post boxes improve the overall aesthetics of your living space. Our post boxes are available in a variety of colours and artistic designs, you can choose one that matches your personality - be it traditional or flamboyant.

Gold Rose Wall Mounted Post Box

Cockerel Wall Mounted Post Box

Vintage Style Wall Mounted Post Box

These wall-mounted post boxes can be chosen to complement your existing décor whether its vintage or minimalist. Our wall-mounted post boxes measure at 42cm x 28cm x 13cm offering ample space for letters and small parcels that fit up to A4 sizes.

Are wall-mounted post boxes built to last?

Wall-mounted post boxes are practical in the sense that they include fixings that easily mount on your exterior wall. Therefore, you do not need to worry about accidentally knocking it off the wall or someone trying to steal the entire box. Since they are made from high-quality galvanised steel, because of its durability, they will not rust or fall victim to corrosion. Not only is the wall-mounted post box rust-proof but is also waterproof thanks to its sloped letterbox flap, which directs the rain away from the post-box keeping the contents dry and safe.

How secure are the wall-mounted post boxes?

Our wall-mounted post boxes feature a lockable door, ensuring the security of your mail until you retrieve it. A traditional mailbox may not always offer this level of protection for sensitive information about your bank or recent bill payments. Therefore, you do not need to worry about lost mail with a wall-mounted post box and you are in full control of who has access to it.

Are wall-mounted post boxes easy to install?

Installing a wall-mounted post box is a straightforward process. You do not have to worry about buying extra tools as you are provided with pre-drilled holes and screws. Maintenance is also simplified, requiring only occasional cleaning. This ease of installation and upkeep makes wall-mounted post boxes a practical and hassle-free addition to your home.

Incorporating a wall-mounted post box into your home is a simple yet impactful way to improve the security of your mail and the aesthetic appeal of your home. With convenience, style, and practicality in mind, a wall-mounted post box is the perfect upgrade for you moving into 2024!

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How can you install a wall-mounted post box?

To install a wall mounted post box yourself, watch the video below:

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